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Cooking that makes you smile – this informal Fitzrovia restaurant is not to be overlooked.

Picture, photographed by Daniel Lynch

Paddy and I had delayed and rearranged our lunch date so many times I have honestly lost count. Social Eating House had been our original restaurant of choice, (but then they went and got a Michelin star so reservations became dramatically hard to come by), so in truth, Picture was my back up. But wow what a back up.  Even though I had heard very good things about this little Fitzrovian, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy myself nearly as much as I did.

I arrived a little late so Paddy had already ordered a couple of ‘
Lamb bites‘ (£1 each) to get us started. I nibbled on the meaty, breaded cubes whilst checking out the minimalistic and contemporary, shabby chic style of Picture, which was far more relaxed, casual and characterful then I had expected. The wonderful staff adding endless charm to our luncheon.
Starters of ‘Ceviche of sea bream, cucumber, sea lettuce‘ and ‘Poached egg, slow cooked, Italian tomato, Parmesan‘ arrived almost impressively promptly; my dish, the former, was light and tart with a lovely acidity and freshness about it. We were talking so much, I forgot to ask Paddy about his dish but suffice to say, the plate was wiped clean.
We had both opted for the ‘Welsh venison and root vegetable pie‘ for our main and were pleasantly surprised to be presented with a hotpot of pie, placed in the middle of the table for us to share, whilst we each received a hearty rib of venison with a breadcrumb crust, atop root vegetable mash and wilted greens. Visually striking, this was comfort food that begged to be inhaled. And considering the price tag, the portion was really rather generous. A very pleasing winter warmer.

Paddy followed suit by copying my choice of dessert – ‘Chocolate mousse, pears, honeycomb’. A sweet and rich plate of delicate flavours, the dish was far lighter and fresher than I had expected, but in hindsight well suited to a mid-afternoon dessert, for had it been any richer, I would have been in danger of an office-desk nap. I’ll let you decide whether this is a good thing or not.

When we asked for the bill, there were no nasty surprises and no unforeseen add ons. It was £15 each for the lunch set menu plus a couple of quid for service and those meaty little nibbles we had ordered at the start. I don’t think I could have been more pleased. Good service and surprisingly good cooking at a really reasonable price (3 courses from Pret would set you back just as much). I honestly can’t wait to go again and see what dinner has to offer. Maybe I’ll see you there…?

Lunch for two: £37
Drinks: Bottle of wine from £18

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