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October 3, 2013 § 2 Comments

A characterful Soho deli, serving an all day menu fit for nibbling and feasting.

I had walked past Damson & Co far too many times before I finally ventured in. And in every passing I cursed myself for forgetting about this characterful little all-day-dining ‘deli’. Having now been twice in three days, you can take my word for it, this place is worth remembering.

My first outing was a office-lunch; the four of us piled in, eyeing up the numerous blackboards that adorn the walls. Settling down around the corner of the counter-top bar we eagerly checked out the menu, which I had sold to my colleagues based on the cheese and charcuterie offering.
You can pick n mix to create your own charcuterie board from a superb array of cured hams, salamis, bresaola and chorizo, (to name but a few), which in hindsight is probably the better option,  or opt, as we did, for the ‘House Selection – Charcuterie Board’ (£15.5). And the same goes for the cheese, with a nice, long list of various hard, soft and blue British cheeses to choose from; all served with toasted bread slices and a tiny jam jar of tangy chutney. The ‘St Tola Organic’ (£4), a hard goat’s cheese, was a superb choice from Eileen, despite only choosing it because it’s from N. Ireland.
Cheese and charcuterie aside, the menu is a bit of a bizarre but brilliant mix of all-day-breakfast-style organic egg dishes, inventive salads,  fresh seafood and flat bread sliders.

My ‘Roasted Beetroot & Squash‘ (£5) was a fantastically flavoursome dish with a real wintery feel about it, punctuated by a crumbling of blue cheese, whilst the ‘Steamed Broccoli & Green Beans‘ (£4.50) was fresh and crunchy with a wonderfully tangy dressing and a sprinkling of moreishly seasoned peanuts.
The ‘Steamed Aspargus & Poached Egg‘ (£5) was an imaginative twist on a classic. The “poached” egg in fact having been smoked, confusingly arrived looking the colour of egg shell. Sarah hesitantly poked at it to ensure it had actually been de-shelled but fear not, the chef had played his part in full and although just slightly over done, it was a super dish with an unusually smokey flavour.

The ‘Damson Muffin‘ (£7.5) arrived last, much to the relief of the hungry (and hungover) David who demolsihed the stacked muffin of baked egg fritter, baked beans and cheese, in no time at all. I believe it hit the spot. But hunger does do wild things to a man. So who knows.
On my second trip I couldn’t help but order the ‘Steamed Broccoli & Green Beans‘ (£4.5) once more, but I really should have taken a leaf out of Harry’s book and gone for the ‘Eggs Royale‘ (£8.5). Again the egg was smoked, not poached, but this time to perfection – the egg white was firm and perfectly formed whilst the yolk was as runny as you could possibly want it to be. My choice of cheese, a ‘Lincolnshire Poacher‘ (£3.8), was cheddar like and thoroughly pleasant, though I’ll hand it to Eileen that the St Tola was better.

An evening’s drinks at Damson & Co isn’t needed to convince me of the all-round brilliance of this Soho newby, but it certainly won’t hurt, so I’m heading there again next week. Damson & Co already is, and will continue to be a regular dining spot for me and I cannot recommend it to you highly enough. It’s a charcetrful little deli with swagger, an imaginative chef and a laid back vibe. If you’re ever walking past, I suggest you stop.

Lunch for two: £23
Drinks: Bottle of wine from £16.95

Nearby bars: Mele e Pere (Proseco Bar) – London W1F, Archer St – London W1D
You might also like: La Fromagerie – London W1U (see Dinner for Two)

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